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Rebate coupons and online purchases

September 21, 2007

So recently Fry’s, an online seller, was implicated when Vastech Inc. was busted pitching consumers filled out rebates in the trash can. Since Fry’s was the only on offering Vastech’s coupons it is kind of a confirmation that the retailer isn’t oblivious to these shady, unregulated rebates.

Also, from my personal experience I’ve been screwed on a Goodyear Tires rebate promo where I bought 4 tires with a $80 rebate with a Goodyear credit card. I got the tires, I got the credit card, I didn’t get the $80 despite the kind folk at my local Good Year filling everything out for me and affixing the reciepts. The corproate GoodYear did the usual, but I will give credit to my local Goodyear for being competent mechanics.

I had a dirty encounter with US Cellular. Like Goodyear, the local US cellular did everything for me, even filled the form out and all I had to do was cut the UPC out. Later on I got a letter saying it was an incomplete form and to return the missing items to get the rebate, HOW do i do this if I don’t have the original receipt or upc anymore when thats what was required?

Be careful in your online purchases. I use a “virtual credit card” from my credit card online, and this requires access to your credit card online. This avoids companies being able to fraudulently use my credit card and prevents hackers from being able to use my virtual card. Also, I use pricegrabber, mysimon, froogle,, pricewatch, and amazon to bargain hunt. I also use to review sellers. I almost made a purchase from until I saw their feedback. I think NewEgg shilled their feedback, but my one transaction with them was smooth.
Be careful of your time to submit your rebates and when you actually cash the check. The checks they send to you will appear to be junk mail and have a time limit, typically 90 days. Once upon a time, a Office Depot rebate was sent to me and the legitimate check they sent me was discared and found later >< my fault I know, I’m still bitter about it.

I’ve had good luck with abebooks (one of their independent sellers), bookbyte, and pcnation. I’m only mentioning them because it is probably hard for them to be competitive and hard to make a profit for being a lesser known company where nobody trusts these small companies.