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Scammer #4

March 11, 2008

Sent:Tue 3/11/08 7:09 AM

OFFICE OF CHIEF MUSA UMARU YAR’ADUA (GCFR)PRESIDENT& COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCESFEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA ATTENTION: BENEFICIARY, I Chief Musa Yar’adua, President and Commander-In- chief of the Armed Forces Federal Republic of Nigeria wish o bring to your notice that the members of Federal Executive Council office of the Presidency Federal Republic of Nigeria in conjunction with the members of National House of Assembly have unanimously agreed and signed into law that all outstanding contract payments, inheritance and accrued interest payments the Federal Government of Nigeria owed to our foreign contractors and next of kin’s must be paid through swift ATM CARD. In this payment procedure your funds will be loaded and configured into the ELECTRONIC COMPUTERIZED AND CUSTOMIZED ATM PAYMENT PREPAID CARD. All the payment instructions on how you will be withdrawing this funds $10,000 to $20,000 daily from the ATM CARD will be packaged and send to your designated address in your country or you come down to Nigeria by yourself to receive your ATM CARD hand to hand from the office of my Special Adviser on Economic Matters and Foreign Contract payments whom I have appointed to oversee this payment on behalf of Federal Government of Nigeria due to his past proven records as very honest, perfect and Gods fearing gentleman. This occurred due to series of reports and complains we have received from our respected foreign contractors and fund beneficiaries that they are unable to pay bank charges, handling charges, cost of transfer (COT) etc they are required to pay by our paying banks before they will receive heir funds and also to pay for procurement of some clearance certificates like Drug and Money Laundering certificate Anti Terrorist clearance certificate, IMF international Fund clearance certificate etc they are mandated to procure before they will receive their funds in their nominated bank account. Furthermore in a bid to ensure that I maintain my word and keep the promises I made to President W. BUSH of United States of America and other World Leaders, which I promised that before my tenure in the office elapses by 29th of May 2007 I will do everything humanly possible tosee that the Federal Government of Nigeria clears all the debts we owed to world bank, London club of creditors, Paris club, next of kin’s and all foreign and local contractors that executed contract with the Federal Government of Nigeria. in light of this I have instructed the SWIFT CARD PAYMENT CENTER to issue in your favor a part payment of $10M by ATM CARD and it has been successfully issued in your name and it is presently in custody of my Special Adviser on Economic Matters and Foreign Contract payments CHIEF SOLOMON UGOH. Therefore for the successful conclusion of this payment and to enable you receive your already issued $10m ATM CARD you are advice to contact MY Special Adviser on Economic Matters and Foreign Contract payment CHIEF SOLOMON UGOH upon the receipt of this fax today on his hot line 234 8037942048 or you send him email on email: to discus with him when you will be coming to Nigeria to receive your $10M ATM CARDfrom his office or you may request that the ATM CARD should be send to you by courier service if you are unable to come to Nigeria as quickly as may be demanded. This order supersedes any other order or arrangements you have been previously given or told regarding your payment, therefore it must be strictly observed by you if you wish to receive your entitlement from the Federal Government of Nigeria. So you should contact CHIEF SOLOMON UGOH immediately you receive this and tell him that you receive a message from MUSA UMARU YA’RADUA the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, which you were instructed to contact him for collection of your $10M ATM CARD through his good office. On A Serious Note If You Refuse to Adhere Strictly to this Instruction and keep on communicating with imposter’s, crooks and fraudsters that have deceived and misled you in the past i shall stop and cancel your atm card and you will not receive $1 red cent from the Nigerian Government and i shall not be held responsible for any diversionary tendencies that may occur in your payment if you fail strictly to these directives. I expect to meet you when you come to Nigeria or to hear good news from Chief Solomon Ugoh that you have receive your ATM CARD by courier service. Yours faithfully, Best Regards.DR. DAVE JAMES.FOR THE PRESIDENT.


Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney

September 23, 2007

Officer McKay and Liko Kenny died on May 11, 2007. This was the second encounter between the two and their last. Liko Kenny fled after being pulled over, Mckay pursued and brought end to chase by pushing Kenney to the shoulder. Kenney then pulled into a lot repeatedly raising his middle finger, McKay then approached his vehicle and maced Kenney. Kenney produced a gun and shot McKay 4 times in the back and then drove over officer McKay killing him. Gregory Floyd, a former marine, grabbed McKay’s gun and killed Kenney.

Today, I saw the first encounter between McKay and Kenney and I see this kids actions of that of an absolutely arrogant dumb piece of shit. Officer McKay was very diplomatic and Kenny elevated the situation. Kenney’s response was to be confrontation by refusing to listen to lawful orders. Kenney refused to turn over his license (for a short time), he then ignores multiple orders to get in his vehicle, and finally he resists arrests. Liko Kenney was courageous in how he wished to flex his constitutional rights, but he ultimately was flexing nonexistent constitutional rights.

Bruce McKay is survived by a daughter, fiance, and sister.

Liko Kenney is burning in Hell.

Logan bomber

September 23, 2007

“MIT student Star Simpson was arrested at Logan Airport, wearing a fake bomb. I really was surprised that a person like this has any connections whatsoever to MIT.

The Quest for a Free Email Provider

September 23, 2007

I like free email and I like the competition. I have experiences with my prior subscribers Mindspring (Earthlink) and AOL, and the free services.

Lycos – I’ve set this up yesterday and am very hopeful. It features exclusive filters and only people in your list can supposedly get through. I’m ranking this to be graded for now.

Yahoo email – It has done a good job preventing spam and legitimate emails haven’t been blocked. According to Wikipedia cited this “Unlike Google or Microsoft, which keep confidential records of its users outside mainland China, Yahoo! stated that the company will not protect the privacy and confidentiality of its Chinese customers from the authorities.” Yeh they are evil when they don’t need to be. I don’t click ads so I’m not part of their profit margins since I adblock. SSL login is at I’ll rank my personal experience with yahoo email a A-.

Hotmail – I’ve been a member for 6 years, but the junk mail is fills up pretty quickly. They used to have a feature with exclusive filters and it was incredibly effective with the exception of hotmails own MSN branded crap always being sent to my Inbox. Then the exclusive started letting crap get through. Microsoft also used to do something borderline illegal with Opera users, so to prevent them from messing with my account I’ve programmed Firefox with IETABS, so anytime I visit hotmail it’ll login with Explorer in a tab. The negative aspect is the advertisements are seen and they are kind of flashy and annoying. B+

Gmail – They really fail in the privacy area. They scan your emails for context based advertisement, and they scan your outgoing email to. This privacy failure extends to the recipients of your email. If you want SSL email you need to manually type in I personally think the interface is awkward but after a week after having the email up I haven’t gotten spam. Right now I’ll rank it C-

Hushmail – was something that seemed great several years ago (super man encryption) but it was incredibly slow and oh yes they prematurely closed my account despite it being my main email. I actually was telling people about this free email! Now there is a couple reasons why this was incredibly stupid to change to this email service. One, nobody uses their instant messaging service, but I wanted the email and that was a perk I was willing to forgo. Two, hushmail sounds really flamboyant. Third, they closed my account for “inactivity” which was a lie. Well since I didn’t pay for it, it gets a D-

The ethics of tipping

September 23, 2007

Once upon a time I lost my mouthpiece at a McDonalds and “tipped” the employee who helped me search the garbage containers $20.00, but I know that is the only time you tip a McDonald’s employee. I’ve seen a nearby Subway ask for tip on the credit line and was a bit surprised. I always end up tipping, but I’ll permanently avoid these stores.

Whenever I shop at local independent stores or have carryout I am unsure if I am supposed to tip. I understand the concept of 20% tip, like bill * .20 = what I pay, but what if the bill is incredibly low? If I order a pizza for $10.00, is $2.00 really fair for the pizza driver who drives his/her own car, has insurance, and pays the gas? What if the bill at the restaurant is $60, is $12 overly generous?

America’s 20% tip also benefits cheapskates! The tip jar and tip line are a punishment to people who realize these employees livelihood may depend on what they are tipped. At the very least the tip should be a mandatory fee included in the bill or the menus should state item cost = this (tax and tip not included).