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September 18, 2007

I really like RSS Owl this program, it is very quick, already set up with feeds to interesting things and easy to delete the not interesting things (took about 10 minutes to configure but good for life). I use it for news, recipes, tech pages, and other worthwhile feeds.

Which reminds me of how it happened. I liked the concept of Digg, but I couldn’t stand how it became hijacked by liberal zealots. Buried if you say anything remotely conservative and the digged pages became baseless political commentaries. It devolved into finding a decent article in a load of crap. So, anyway, I liked rss feeds and found a few,,,,,,, and others (several have commentaries and such but nothing like digg). I realized that I really like a selection of newsites and even with my multitabed webpages bookmarking all of these in firefox didn’t meet my needs.

So anyway, RSS OWL is preloaded with a plethora of news, business, computing, political, etc kind of sites. I get about a 700 updates of all sorts daily (of course I set to delete the older and unread things) but I really really really like skimming the article head lines in RSS OWL, minimizing firefox (so it doesn’t pop up and get in way) and opening a lot of news sites and then returning to firefox. It works on all Windows versions, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. Here is where you can get RSS OWL and it is a free download