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Vista hell

September 18, 2007

Here is why Vista has been a horrible experience for me. It all started when my very expensive Compaq computer decided to abruptly stop working, and I needed a new computer. So, I had to buy a computer and nothing over $400 because my needs aren’t hardware hungry nor can I afford another expensive lemon computer. So Vista it is.
Now here is what sucks about Vista. Windows updates without consent which means I can’t wait for the masses to encounter the bugs. Security programs do not like to work, I like the free things in XP. I mean it was easy, too easy to get the freeware security apps. Now my favorite programs like peer gaurdian (alpha for Vista) like to disapear and not run every time I execute it, and PG has these weird exceptions being allowed in gibberish. Firefox, would lock up when I visited several java webpages so I had to reinstall java (wierd for being a fresh firefox download). The windows button is awkward, I have a hard time using the “Find”, and also why did they put the RUN command in Accessories. I have to grant permission for every flipping thing like deleting files or copying something to the C: drive or permitting access. Microsoft Word likes to save as .docx now I can’t send word files to anyone on XP computers unless I save as .RTF.

Well here is what does work so far that I use (or have figured a way to make it work).

Firefox, Mcafee antivir/firewall (free subscription don’t blame me), KeyPass, TrueCrypt, Open Office, RSS Owl, Pidgin Messenger, Sunbird Calendar, VLC media player, Spybot, and Adaware

I wish there was a Classic version like there was for XP to replicate 98. I want a Classic XP so this crappy interface doesn’t interfere with business. I also would like a permanent allow permission for actions by me.

O well