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My long term goals is to have a masters before I am 30. As far as community involvement goes I’m pretty bad at that and would like to be involved but realistically it isn’t going to happen, but… I’ll accomplish much more then those kids who build defective Habitat for Humanity homes if I shall have a untimely death and the hospital doesn’t mess my organ donation up with bureaucracy.


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  1. sally Says:

    john james is a thief – he steals from Ebayers and uses the follwoing names and address to ship stolen goods to:-
    1. Ishow Olaiya – 12 Awolude Close, Olorunsogo, Abeokuta,Nigeria 23401
    2.Adeogun Bukola A, 24 Olorunsogo Close, Abeokuta, Nigeria

    If you know him tell the police as he as ruined many people’s lives and they are suffering. He is mean and cruel – do not trust this man he is evil. Peace be with you all.

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