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September 7, 2007

I’ve actually set a blog up because things are on my mind and hopefully a websearch with tidbits in my webpage will guide people to this blog.

Compaq Presario 2100 “Operating System Not Found”
I paid a lot of money for this piece of crap. I am surprised that this repulsive computer passed inspection and hasn’t led to a class action lawsuits. I got exactly what I ordered, except I didn’t know the faults of this machine despite paying top dollar and no published complaints (yet). The fan was so obnoxiously loud it was left to being a personal home computer. The fan wasn’t something that progressively became worse, it is just how it was out of box and this was later confirmed by the blogging community and reports at large.

Great, I can’t take it to the classroom, instead I paid for a laptop which are inherently weaker then desktops and due to the fan it now is my desktop. But, thats not all, later on I got a “Operating System Not Found” error on bootup, I thought XP had failed and reinstalled XP. Except… This problem kept repeating itself. It kept repeating itself so often, it would take a given hour at least to boot up. I would keep restarting, until finally, it would work. Hewett Packard you pieces of shit (they own compaq by the way) I will never ever everT me for the password, now I know most computers won’t load the hard drive without the bios password, So I would make a gibberish password and I would get the incorrect password 3 times and then it would forcibly shut down. Then I could just not make a password and leave it blank and get the SAME damn thing. But, if I never pressed F2 it would just load up normally, well with the Operating System Not Found normally, except that too is abnormal

Also, I could never get a signal with my wireless card. Unless I was in the same house near the router would it work. Yet, with my new computer I could get signals from neighbors! I’ll admit, I’m greedy. I like to get free internet, now if I can barely get my wifi with internet I paid for, that is just bad.

Oh it get worse. Later on, this piece of shit machine decides, I’m just not going to work. Now, I normally try to avoid swearing and look down upon people who use it casually, but when you spend a lot of cash on something and then lose countless hours of your time, you’re violated and pissed off.

My reaction was I need a new computer. So I went and got a cheap 370$ (includes tax) Toshiba computer with a “top of the line” celeron processor and 512 MB and vista. I don’t feel I can trust laptops anymore, so I’m avoid paying top dollar. Sure it is slow. But I just needed a word processor and wireless internet browsing. Vista sucks, but it’s all thats offered on the internet. Now, what is great is I get a signal, my computer takes under 2 minutes to boot, and the fan is not disgustingly loud.