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Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney

September 23, 2007

Officer McKay and Liko Kenny died on May 11, 2007. This was the second encounter between the two and their last. Liko Kenny fled after being pulled over, Mckay pursued and brought end to chase by pushing Kenney to the shoulder. Kenney then pulled into a lot repeatedly raising his middle finger, McKay then approached his vehicle and maced Kenney. Kenney produced a gun and shot McKay 4 times in the back and then drove over officer McKay killing him. Gregory Floyd, a former marine, grabbed McKay’s gun and killed Kenney.

Today, I saw the first encounter between McKay and Kenney and I see this kids actions of that of an absolutely arrogant dumb piece of shit. Officer McKay was very diplomatic and Kenny elevated the situation. Kenney’s response was to be confrontation by refusing to listen to lawful orders. Kenney refused to turn over his license (for a short time), he then ignores multiple orders to get in his vehicle, and finally he resists arrests. Liko Kenney was courageous in how he wished to flex his constitutional rights, but he ultimately was flexing nonexistent constitutional rights.

Bruce McKay is survived by a daughter, fiance, and sister.

Liko Kenney is burning in Hell.