The Quest for a Free Email Provider

I like free email and I like the competition. I have experiences with my prior subscribers Mindspring (Earthlink) and AOL, and the free services.

Lycos – I’ve set this up yesterday and am very hopeful. It features exclusive filters and only people in your list can supposedly get through. I’m ranking this to be graded for now.

Yahoo email – It has done a good job preventing spam and legitimate emails haven’t been blocked. According to Wikipedia cited this “Unlike Google or Microsoft, which keep confidential records of its users outside mainland China, Yahoo! stated that the company will not protect the privacy and confidentiality of its Chinese customers from the authorities.” Yeh they are evil when they don’t need to be. I don’t click ads so I’m not part of their profit margins since I adblock. SSL login is at I’ll rank my personal experience with yahoo email a A-.

Hotmail – I’ve been a member for 6 years, but the junk mail is fills up pretty quickly. They used to have a feature with exclusive filters and it was incredibly effective with the exception of hotmails own MSN branded crap always being sent to my Inbox. Then the exclusive started letting crap get through. Microsoft also used to do something borderline illegal with Opera users, so to prevent them from messing with my account I’ve programmed Firefox with IETABS, so anytime I visit hotmail it’ll login with Explorer in a tab. The negative aspect is the advertisements are seen and they are kind of flashy and annoying. B+

Gmail – They really fail in the privacy area. They scan your emails for context based advertisement, and they scan your outgoing email to. This privacy failure extends to the recipients of your email. If you want SSL email you need to manually type in I personally think the interface is awkward but after a week after having the email up I haven’t gotten spam. Right now I’ll rank it C-

Hushmail – was something that seemed great several years ago (super man encryption) but it was incredibly slow and oh yes they prematurely closed my account despite it being my main email. I actually was telling people about this free email! Now there is a couple reasons why this was incredibly stupid to change to this email service. One, nobody uses their instant messaging service, but I wanted the email and that was a perk I was willing to forgo. Two, hushmail sounds really flamboyant. Third, they closed my account for “inactivity” which was a lie. Well since I didn’t pay for it, it gets a D-


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