The ethics of tipping

Once upon a time I lost my mouthpiece at a McDonalds and “tipped” the employee who helped me search the garbage containers $20.00, but I know that is the only time you tip a McDonald’s employee. I’ve seen a nearby Subway ask for tip on the credit line and was a bit surprised. I always end up tipping, but I’ll permanently avoid these stores.

Whenever I shop at local independent stores or have carryout I am unsure if I am supposed to tip. I understand the concept of 20% tip, like bill * .20 = what I pay, but what if the bill is incredibly low? If I order a pizza for $10.00, is $2.00 really fair for the pizza driver who drives his/her own car, has insurance, and pays the gas? What if the bill at the restaurant is $60, is $12 overly generous?

America’s 20% tip also benefits cheapskates! The tip jar and tip line are a punishment to people who realize these employees livelihood may depend on what they are tipped. At the very least the tip should be a mandatory fee included in the bill or the menus should state item cost = this (tax and tip not included).


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