Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney

Officer McKay and Liko Kenny died on May 11, 2007. This was the second encounter between the two and their last. Liko Kenny fled after being pulled over, Mckay pursued and brought end to chase by pushing Kenney to the shoulder. Kenney then pulled into a lot repeatedly raising his middle finger, McKay then approached his vehicle and maced Kenney. Kenney produced a gun and shot McKay 4 times in the back and then drove over officer McKay killing him. Gregory Floyd, a former marine, grabbed McKay’s gun and killed Kenney.

Today, I saw the first encounter between McKay and Kenney and I see this kids actions of that of an absolutely arrogant dumb piece of shit. Officer McKay was very diplomatic and Kenny elevated the situation. Kenney’s response was to be confrontation by refusing to listen to lawful orders. Kenney refused to turn over his license (for a short time), he then ignores multiple orders to get in his vehicle, and finally he resists arrests. Liko Kenney was courageous in how he wished to flex his constitutional rights, but he ultimately was flexing nonexistent constitutional rights.

Bruce McKay is survived by a daughter, fiance, and sister.

Liko Kenney is burning in Hell.


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20 Responses to “Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney”

  1. KingCast Says:

    Nah, Bruce McKay is burning in hell and so too is Gregory W. Floyd.

    “Liko Kenney was courageous in how he wished to flex his constitutional rights, but he ultimately was flexing nonexistent constitutional rights.”

    Are you aware that all of the Fox Hill Park arrests were Unconsitutional? I mention that in my RSA 91-A Right-to-Know lawsuit and you can read the decisions from Judge Cyr (no hippie at all, he signs no-knock marijuna warrants) right here in the JPEGS:

    And oh yeah:

    Where are those police reports and use of force reports from 2003? Up in smoke at the bonfire that happened at Bruce McKay’s apartment?

    I know all about that stuff.

  2. mojo35 Says:

    Well I liked seeing it black and white before I had to read more about this… “Where are those police reports and use of force reports from 2003? Up in smoke at the bonfire that happened at Bruce McKay’s apartment?” I judged Bruce’s character from the two videos of the 2003 incident, but perhaps he is an ahole. Like the rest of the internet community I judged the 2 full videotaped encounters and see at that moment who can’t identify themselves in a motor vehicle. But anyways, Liko shooting Bruce in the back in my opinion far worse than any evil that Bruce committed. But at the very least perhaps I would buy it more if you said the world is better without both of them.

  3. KingCast Says:

    I understand your feelings, but the people of Franconia largely feel bad that they didn’t run McKay out of town earlier.

    Liko had his issues but he was getting his shit together and remember McKay and Floyd were twice his age and STILL a-holes.

    Regardless it doesn’t give Kelly the right to lie about complaints levied against McKay that were indeed filed at the AG’s office, and even written by the wife of a police officer (who also holds a Criminal Justice Degree and a teaching certificate) at the behest of other police who knew McKay was a whack-job.

    Take a look.


  4. debby Says:

    Go to youtube and watch McKay with the young girl Sarah pulled over for speeding. McKay does the same routine. Won’t explain anything to the driver, the driver gets more confused and upset. Yeah, McKay with his creepy methodically robot calm voice is part of the routine. It is the same as with Liko except this is 110 pound girl and she is crying because she is confused and upset. McKay slams her onto the cruiser. He sets the person up to get upset so he can rough them up. He does the same chuckle after he has crushed Sarah that he did with Liko in the back of the cruiser. She needed to be taken away in the ambulance after her pepper sprayed her. I would like to see every tape of the people he pulled over because I guarantee that many look exactly the same. He was a loser and a pervert.

  5. Eric Says:

    Regardless of how overbearing this police officer was, it does not justify his death. There is a process for removing bad policemen. The real losers are the people not realizing this process or who resort to murder as an end.

  6. KingCast Says:

    Eric, Liko Kenney did not set out to kill Bruce McKay, who violated every pursuit policy he could find in addition to OC Spray policies. I got the rules pursuant to my lawsuit against AG Ayotte and Franconia and published them on my blawg.

    Here is what Liko was doing right before he was murdered by Gregory Floyd:

    “Mr. King I just want to thank you for doing what you’re doing…. I read your blog every day. On 5/11 I pulled up in my Prius at Agway and Liko was going to load it up with hay and he says to me ‘This is the coolest car…. glad to help you today ma’am….. I love doing this for you and I love my job.’ Three hours later he was dead.”

    As noted on Floyd’s trial day when he tweaked out:

    Oh, yah.

  7. Randy Says:

    The local authorities are totally to blame for allowing McKay to continue as an Officer after several extremely serious complaints against him. They then release floyd without charging him when in their own report taken from Floyd he says he never warned Liko he was going to shoot, he said nothing to him at all before pulling the trigger. He said Liko was trying to unjam his gun at the time he shot him. He said Liko had run over McKay and backed up, refuted by his own son. He said the gun he shot Liko with flew out of the car, it was McKays gun, did McKay throw it in to Liko to have a look at? Floyd said he leaned threw an open window.. the passenger window in the car was shot out by Floyd, it wasnt open, so the later version saying he warned Liko was a lie… Lies lies lies…. cover ups by AG Ayotte from the start to finish… will the Governor please appoint another AG and have Ayotte charged with perverting the course of justice?

  8. Charlie Says:

    You can go fuck yourself. Doesn’t matter how over bearing the officer was, it does not justify shooting him.
    However, shooting another human (in the back) does justify you being killed.

  9. Dre Says:

    As the old saying goes – every man has a breaking point and Liko reached his. That same cop pulled him over three years before and slapped him around.


  10. Cameron Says:

    Dear Mojo,

    Please do a better job informing yourself about the subjects you choose to write about before coming to conclusions that will ultimately make you look foolish. I would not have wasted my time commenting on your page but I couldnt read a word you said without getting irritated.
    Also, the world is not a better place without either of them, families have lost sons, fathers, and fiancees over this. what a juvenille, rediculous comment. You sound like a child.



    chd, spell check is your friend. You might want to reread what was said before getting upset and wasting your time criticizing me over something you have clearly misinterpreted.

    “the world is not a better place without either of them, families have lost sons, fathers, and fiancees over this” –what a pea-brained world view. The world is better place without the existence of certain people whether or not they are married, single, or the son of someone. Are you going to argue Mohamed Merah, a dead nutjob devoid of any value, should be allowed to live because he is a parent’s little cupcake? Liko’s right to existence was over when he unloaded a gun into someone’s back. The world is a more sane place when murderers are removed from this world even if the murderers were loved by someone. You don’t want to know what I think you sound like.

  11. tom Says:

    like everyone else that seen this in the national news,we only seen the pro cop version and what a scumbag liko was but after reading more and more info about the two,a different picture comes to light,i really think mckay should not have been a cop,i think he was the type of cop that pushs people and i think he just pushed the wrong person to far,did the cop deserve to die-NO-but do i think it could have been avoided-YES-i mean just look at the video of his arrest of that girl named sara,her licence comes back bad and he has to arrest her,so what does he do,he has her get out of car and he argues with her and then she goes and opens her truck and they argue more and then the resisting starts and it escalates-well all the cops i have ever seen in this situation would of already had there cuffs out and ready to use before the girl ever got out of the car,and as she is getting out he would put them on her,not argue with her and loose control of the situation,this cop wouldnt of lasted a week in new york arresting people like that,i would love to see all the videos of arrests he made,i also read how there are 3 cops in his dept and over a period of i dont remember-311 tickits were wrote and 300 of them were by mckay and 11 by the other 2-well that should tell you something about this guys mental state,i know i would not of wanted to live in that town with a cop like that,

  12. Liko Says:

    Look, I was an asshole my whole life and everyone knows it. If I didn’t get my way I would scream and cry till mommy put her tit in my mouth to shut me up. I always hated cops. They represented authority, something my tiny little mind could never deal with.
    I shot that cop for fun but then that other guy had to ruin it by killing me. MOMMY, I need your tit.
    Well folks, gotta go. Have to get back in my lake of fire and swim swim swim for eternity.

  13. Mike Jackson Says:

    You should know that Christopher King is a disgraced amd disbarred lawyer who was found guilty of committing fraud against one of his elderly clients.

    He is a nut who hates authority figures and posts almost anywhere to defend cop killers.

  14. Rob Says:

    You guys are all NUTS! Lets not forget that this so called mouth piece Sarah was SPEEDING! That is breaking the law! If I was pulled over for SPEEDING I would expect the get pepper sprayed if I acted like that! I ever see her I will pepper spray her myself!

    As for the nut case Liko! WOW! The kids has NUTJOB written all over him! The kid was out of CONTROL! What do you think this kid was doing when he meet officer Mckay the first time, MAYBE A LITTLE PCP! The way he was acting, I would think he was high as a kite! Down a dead end road in the dark COME ON! If I was a cop I would have thought something was wrong as well and I have no training or 28 commendations like Officer Mckay.

    Lets take a minute and think about what police officers do on a daily basic, can you imaging putting up with people like Sarah and Liko every day? If any of you think you could have done a better job then Mckay then go do it and until you have half of his experience ZIP-IT!

    You negative people make me ill! I think anyone that has something against police are on the wrong side of the law! I am law abiding and I have never had a problem.

  15. tom Says:

    i think that police officer Bruce McKay drove that kid crazy and he had enough and ended it with a gun.i read about how mckay terrorized that town,during a 1 year period 320 traffic tickits were wrote by 3 cops and mckay wrote 300 of them.also how every nite mckay would drive to the kids house and shine his highbeam headlights on liko’s house to f-uck with him,now i feel bad for everyone involved but i do think mckay drove this to happen,

  16. S Dorer Says:

    I just finished reading the book called Bad Blood by Casey Sherman. Although it is articulate, the author does skewer his writings towards Mr. Kenney’s supporters side of this divided community. One example was the “interpretations” of what must have surely been the officers hateful feelings towards Mr Kenney; I am pretty sure the author didn’t get to interview the dead officer while researching this book.

    The author only proved, to me, that Mr. Kenney was a sociopath. He predicted his end and he made sure it happened. The officer knew this guy was violent and attempted to stop him with non lethal force. Mr Kenney responded with unlawful lethal force by firearm and his car.

    While I am a bit taken aback about Mr. Floyd and his character, I find no doubt if Mr. Floyd didn’t intervene, he and probably his son would have been Mr. Kenney’s second and third victims.

    I am not a LE supporter. I can produce many of my writings of police involved shootings, particularly when the victim was unarmed. There are clearly many who wear the badge that shouldn’t and are more of a danger to the public than the criminals.

    But once Mr. Kenney fired his gun, he lost whatever legitimacy he “may” have had about police harassment and Officer McKay. He also made it more dangerous for the public in police related contacts. They are more apt to point a gun at you instead of shaking your hand. At least in New Hampshire.

  17. danny Says:


  18. Courtney Murphy Says:

    Well this affair is now finally over ; it seems excesses were used on both sides, insensitivity on the part of law enforcement and too much rocket fuel used by the officer exterminator/ flattener . Both are in a better place now and apparently can iron out their differences or any that may remain between them: though certainly without the assistance of Mr Floyd. And all in all now Easton might remain a more peaceful place for skiers and Tennis players and tourists alike. On the Upside Kelly A is now in the senate testifying on capitol hill, her
    part in the Likko/ Bruce affair concluded and another spring is quickly passing, while Mr Floyd propelled by cooler heads in the judicial system has sought out other more sedate environs to pursue his bliss hopefrully with less of a BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. liko Says:

    kingcast, ur making him out to be a saint, the kid kept driving away from a cop, and he had an F-ing gun in the car….. good kids who are turning their lives around dont drive around with guns in their glove compartment ready to shoot when someone pisses them off….. no matter what a cop does, u cant just shoot people… say whatever u want about the cop, dont make liko out to be a saint

  20. Daniel Says:

    Once again as an outsider looking in I see a murdered police officer full stop! Shot in the back whilst walking away from a suspected fellon! Which ever way Kenny’s family and Kingcast try to paint it Liko was a murder not a defender of his rights because no where in the constitution does it say you have the right to shoot an officer of the law in the back because you are scared! It was an unliscensed firearm and Liko was an unbalanced youth period! Had floyd not shot him he would have been sent to prison for life! But Floyd did the right thing!

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