Gold and bombing Iran

I’m considering investing more in Gold and dumping it once Iran is attacked. The dollar has been losing value horrifically and I’ve made quite the killing on gold and I think it will increase in value. My prediction is that when the US (perhaps France too) or Israel will bomb Iran it will translate into even more of an increase in gold. Also, since we our national government is spending more money then it makes, is just a bad sign for the dollar.

I predict there is an 80% chance that the US will bomb Iran. 10% chance that Israel will hit Iran. 10% nobody attacks Iran because they’ll take a buyout to not develop nuclear technology. Iran’s proxy war in Iraq which is killing civilians and US soldiers is probably not helping their argument for nuclear development. Also, the fact they are developing nuclear technology mixed with a nutcase who wants Israel wiped off the face of the earth is just a bad sign of things to come. If the US doesn’t alleviate Israeli fears of Iran by bombing them or buying them off to not develop nuclear technology, Israel will F-16 finger f*** Iran or if Iran gets their technology before Israel strikes, they’ll finger f*** each other.


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